BomTec Racing Gears up for 4 Wheel Parts Glen Helen Grand Prix

BomTec Racing is gearing up for the 2013 Ultra4 Glen Helen Grand Prix! Driver Kevin Gamble and team 4476 have been slowly rebuilding following this year’s King of the Hammers race. A combination of mechanical issues stopped them after one lap in the big race. For the past couple months their time has been filled with repairing a sheared rear spindle, rebuilding a transmission (twice), and numerous smaller repairs. Being a self-financed race team working out of a two-car garage, it just takes them longer than a lot of other teams out there. Gamble will stay behind the steering wheel and co-driver duties will alternate between Chris Ashton and Jason Rice who are making their debut to the Ultra4 scene.
The number 4476 Jimmy’s 4×4 chassis keeps getting better with each race prep; this time continues that trend. A big thanks is due to Flatblack Fabrication (Alpine, CA), Watts Engineering (Santee, CA), and JR Fabrication (Lakeside, CA) for some serious engineering feats to get the car back in top racing condition.
Haven’t heard of BomTec Racing? They are a small race team comprised of mostly active duty military members who got into racing after years of trail wheeling. No big finishes yet, but they had a respectable 2012 season, finishing top 20 in regional series points and qualifying for KOH 2013 at the National Championship Race. Last year all driving duties were handled by owner Kevin Gamble and co-driving alternated between Jeremy Russell (USAF and Sidekick Off Road), Travis Schellpeper (USN), and Mike Ruzicka (San Diego, Graphic Design). Having to bow out early from the big race this year they are back in the hunt. Their San Diego, California based team will be at the Glen Helen Grand Prix in full force with hopes of a respectable finish and a KOH qualifying spot.
A special thanks to companies providing great products and advice: Jimmy’s 4×4, Alltech Motorsports, Dynomax, Slime, Miramar Transmission, Raceready Products, Raceline Wheels, Flatblack Fabrication, and Beyond Graphics.