Before You Get to Hammertown for King of the Motos, Read This!

Attention King of the Motos Racers —

We are so excited to have all of you participating in the upcoming 2020 King of the Motos. We look forward to seeing each and every one of you!

What you need to know as you come to the race is essential to the race going well. From here until the day of the race, the Hammertown Entry is open, which means that you can swing by the racer tent at the entrance and sign in, get your camping pass, and wristband. After that, continue to Hammertown and find Moto Pit spaces Holley EFi Ave. Spaces 216 and 220, which are very limited and first come first serve. Plenty of camping outside of Hammertown.

When to arrive:
Now! I wish we all could be there now, but I understand work, responsibilities, etc. Check out the racing schedule for the week and come out early to enjoy the show that only Hammertown provides. Here is the updated schedule for Motos!

Event Schedule:
Nov 25th 2019 – January 25th 2020 – Registration
Sign in at the gate – 24 hours a day when Hammertown opens
Feb 7th from 2 PM to 5 PM – GPS track download and Tech
Feb 7th 8 PM – Rider meeting
Feb 8 7:30 AM – Prologue staging
8:00:00 AM – 1st pro rider out
8:15:00 AM – 1st Amateur rider out
9:30 AM – Main race staging
10:00 AM – Main race start
4:00 PM – Race course close
7:00 PM – Podium

Do NOT be late for the riders meeting February 7, 2020 at 8 PM. All riders must attend. Tech runs from 2-5 PM, and it would be best to be there earlier rather than later. The rider does not have to be present at Tech but we will need the bike and your GPS or SD card! Do NOT forget your SD card. No GPS tracks, NO Race! BLM requires a sound test and spark arrestor, and we will be checking for those at TECH!
Now, on to the race! I am going to try to answer as many questions as possible.

Prologue staging starts at 7:30 AM which means that is the time you need to report to the Start/Finish area of the Hammertown Short course. See Map at Bottom. We need to be efficient for the Prologue to run smoothly, which relies on the racers paying attention, being helpful, and courteous to our staging volunteers! Riders will leave one at a time every 15 seconds starting at 8:00:00 AM. If you are late and miss your start time, you will start at the back of your group. Once you finish your lap, proceed to your main pit spot along the fence inside the short course area. Results will be posted on a sign at the end of the row. Main race staging will start at 9:30 AM. You will need to note your row number and report to your row at the location to be provided at the riders meeting. Main race will start at 10:00:00 AM.

As mentioned above there is a Main Pit in Hammertown and there is a remote pit out on the course. I apologize for the confusion of this line- “There will be no mid lap gas or pit stop. Pits will be in Hammertown near the start of each lap.”

The remote pit was added after the original article and in the amendment I did not remove this error.

There will be a remote pit for gas. Bikes must be on a tarp for fueling only. No parts/tools will be hauled to the pit or provided by the pit stewards.

Please provide your remote pit fuel can at TECH, which will be be hauled on a trailer to the remote pit. As a racer I can envision how difficult it is to spot your fuel in the sea of cans, so make it stand out. My pit stewards are going to set all the cans out on a tarp and have a designated spot for you to refuel on said tarp. Please respect these hard working volunteers and get in and out as fast as possible! They are not there to assist you, just to provide a safe environment for you to be able to refuel. Just to reiterate-make sure you have a can for the remote pit (if you choose) and a can for main pit!!

Know how to operate your GPS in the most basic ways. We are not there to teach you at tech how to operate your device! Know how to LOG YOUR TRACK for the entire three loops. Also know how to turn on and off tracks, EX. Turn off Bronze loop and Turn ON Silver loop. It will be helpful to have your Track log not visible on the map, but you absolutely have to be able to turn in your track log after your race. No Track Log= Disqualification or time penalties.

Bronze 35 Miles
Silver 35 Miles
Gold 15 miles

If there are any more questions reach out to me before the event! We will be there to answer any and all questions during tech and the riders meeting as well. Thank you for the support and have fun! This race will test your physical and mental fortitude, as well as your pre-race preparations! That’s enough talking-

Justin Leineweber
King of the Motos Race Director