For the 2024 King of the Hammers, Maxtrax (The Official Recovery Board of the EMC Race) has implemented a contingency program that offers cash rewards for all drivers competing in the 2024 King of the Hammers Every Man Challenge Race in select classes. To be eligible for this program, the competition vehicle must meet ALL the following requirements:

• A minimum of 10 participants are required in vehicle’s class.

• Eligible vehicle classes are: Stock and Modified

• The vehicle must be powered by a Toyota engine.

• The vehicle must have Maxtrax Recovery Boards on the vehicle at the start of the race.

• Two Maxtrax-provided decals are required to be visible on the vehicle, with one decal located on the vehicle’s passenger side and one decal located on the vehicle driver’s side. All decals must be claimed on the lakebed.

• Visit the Maxtrax Booth (Outside Gate 1 on Boone Rd.) to register and pick up stickers.

Cash Rewards are awarded based on the following schedule:

2024 King of the Hammers

Final PositionContingency Amount

Maxtrax will have forty-five (45) days to pay out all contingency payments to qualified winners. Verification that competition vehicle had Maxtrax recovery boards on their race vehicle may be requested before payout. This may be in the form of receipts, pictures, or visual inspection when possible.

All competition vehicles must conform to the rules of the sanctioning body. If for any reason the driver, team or vehicle is disqualified from the race, contingencies will be disallowed. Maxtrax reserves the right to withhold contingency payment until any and all issues regarding the results have been resolved to Maxtrax’s satisfaction, in its sole discretion.

Any deviation from the decal guidelines for any event may disqualify the participant from receiving contingency rewards. Drivers falsifying contingency claims will be automatically disqualified from all Maxtrax contingency programs and may be barred from any future Maxtrax contingency programs. Maxtrax may deny requests for contingency decals for the reasons described above or from any individuals deemed by Maxtrax in its sole discretion to not be a good representation to the sport.

If, after a payment is made by Maxtrax, the contingency condition achieved is subsequently nullified, rescinded, or otherwise revoked by King of the Hammers, driver or team will immediately repay the entire associated award to Maxtrax.