2021 Progressive Black Hills Throwdown Driver email 3

Are you ready for rowdy racing action to kick off Bike Week at the Buffalo Chip?

First off, thank you for being a part of the ULTRA4 family. We really look forward to seeing you on the course and showcasing the sport to an expanded fanbase while you continue to compete for the top spot in your classes.  Please read below as there are some important announcements to be aware of before your arrival onsite (especially regarding dogs and also regarding outside alcohol).

Registration: Online registration closes Monday, August 2nd. There are additional fees for registering onsite. If you are planning on racing with us in Sturgis, please pre-register. It saves you money and it allows us to better plan and execute a high qualify racing experience for you. www.ultra4racing.com/registration

Camping: Just to simplify and clarify, there is free camping at the Powersports Complex (trackside) and in a designated ULTRA4 dry camping area directly across the street from the Powersports Complex. You do not have to register for this. While there is not a camping fee, there is a vehicle pass you must purchase to enter the grounds. Vehicles passes are $10 and can be purchased at www.ultra4racing.com/tickets

Drivers get one vehicle pass included in their registration for their tow vehicle and one for their racecar. You can purchase additional vehicle passes at the gate, but it’s much easier for you and everyone involved to pre-order them.

If you plan on staying beyond Sunday afternoon at 12:30 PM to enjoy all the festivities of bike week, you will need to make a reservation with the Buffalo Chip. The number you are supposed to call to make reservations (and ask for Carrol) is 605-347-9000.

Dogs: It is a Buffalo Chip policy that they do not allow dogs onsite. This includes the Powersports Complex. PLEASE make arrangements for your pet prior to showing up. This is a strict are of enforcement we have been made aware of and want to ensure you are aware.

Beer and Alcohol: Due to the liquor license state law, outside alcohol cannot be brought onto Buffalo Chip grounds. This is an area that is STRICTLY enforced, including fines and confiscation. Vehicle searches are not uncommon when entering the grounds as was done during the Y.O.R.R. race this past weekend. Alcohol is available onsite (including 12 packs of beer and bars). Please respect the local laws and liquor license rules as we are guests at the Buffalo Chip. Here is a more comprehensive FAQ for you to review before arrival: https://www.buffalochip.com/INFO/FAQs#1

Upon arrival: Technically, registration and check in begins at 9 AM on Thursday morning. However, we do know there are a handful of teams arriving on Wednesday. While you won’t be turned away by any means, it may be a little bit to get you into the camping location as the team is wrapping up course prep and pits on Wednesday. If you do arrive early, please contact Alan at 623-229-3375 and we’ll work with getting you settled.

Once you arrive at the Buffalo Chip, please proceed to the entrance of the Powersports Complex to check in, get your driver packets, wristbands, and camping instructions. Everyone on your team must have a wrist band to enter.

Please also note and update to the schedule: Qualifying will begin at 2 PM on Friday (instead of 3) as the Motorcycle and Racecar parade will begin at 6 PM instead of 7 PM. This will be a loud, fun way to get the thousands of people at the Buffalo Chip engaged with you and your team. More detailed information will be available onsite upon check in.

The full schedule and event details can be found here. This is a Heat style race and also has designated practice lap times per class. Please go to the racer tab for a more detailed race schedule: https://www.ultra4racing.com/race/60

A couple final notes: if you are interested in custom graphics for your social media page to promote the live show, please send a rights cleared image to media@ultra4racing.comand we’ll send you back personalized graphics for your social media pages.

Please be sure to update your online profile so Miles and Pam have all the information they need to highlight you, your race program, and your sponsors. Outdated information results in incorrect information on the live feed.

As many of you saw, we added driver headshot photos to the live timing aspect of the live feed. There will be a headshot booth available onsite so you can have your headshot on the live feed as well. More information will be available at check in.

While it is really cutting it close, you can still order VP Racing Fuel: Order your VP Racing Fuel HERE

Thank you. Travel safe. We’ll see you in Sturgis for the 2021 PROGRESSIVE Black Hills Throwdown at the Chip!

The ULTRA4 Racing team