2021 Progressive Black Hills Throwdown Driver email 2

It’s time for a good time.

10 Reasons to Race Sturgis

1. Next to last chance for KOH 2022 Qualification!

2. Bike Week is kicking off and it’s going to be a party!

3. Live bands including Kid Rock!

4. JT’s Mustache with be there!

5. Avoiding LCQ at KOH 2022 is a good thing!

6. #ChipHappens will literally be happening at #TheChip (There is some kind of cosmic alignment here you don’t want to miss!)

7. Beautiful Sturgis, South Dakota, is awesome!

8. Smelly friends and race fuel are the BEST!

9. Great short course action and live show coverage for you and your sponsors really helps you become rich and famous (probably)!

10. Because it’s Awesome, you’re Awesome, and you do Awesome things!

Round 3 of the West (and Round 2 of the North) happens in stunning Sturgis, SD, at the World Famous Buffalo Chip on August 6th and 7th. Online pre-registration is open until August 2nd at www.ultra4racing.com/registration

If you are in the points race for either series, you’ve already received an email on Sturgis (you can review it here). Time is running out, so be sure to register if you haven’t already. Here is the current event page and registration list: https://www.ultra4racing.com/race/60 

If you aren’t in the points hunt (or you JUST now finished your build you’ve been working on since 2009 and you need a shakedown run), you should also come race the 2021 PROGRESSIVE Black Hills Throwdown at the Buffalo Chip. It’s going to be a blast and racing is ALWAYS fun, competitive, and worth it.

The PROGRESSIVE Black Hills Throwdown is a KOH qualifier for the Unlimited 4400 class for 2022. This late in the season, most of the regular drivers have qualified and this is YOUR chance to secure a spot before the last qualifying race of the year, which will be at Crandon on Sept3rd and 4th. No one wants to come to the Lakebed and have to rely on LCQ to make the big race, so let go of that pressure and ensure your spot for KOH.

The PROGRESSIVE Black Hills Throwdown is a short course style, similar to how Nationals used to be a Reno. Tons of action, spectator friendly, heat style racing so lots of exposure and visibility for you and your race team. There will even be a parade through the Buffalo Chip and a car show at the main stage to showcase you and your team.

You can’t race Nationals if you don’t race a series race. You know you want to come to Davis, OK, and tear it up at the last event of the season. You need to have raced at least one regional race to do it. It’s a great race to dial it in before KOH prep.

www.ultra4racing.com/registration is the link. Online registration is only open until August 2nd.

Complimentary dry camping is available for all registered teams August 4 – 8 without reservation (both in the Pit Area and an overflow area if you want less noise), but you DO have to be registered to race to be allowed access.

Please reach out to alan@ultra4racing.com with any question or if you need assistance with registration. As usual, the First Round On Us promotion applies to first time ULTRA4 drivers, so if you have a friend who needs to get addicted so you have a race travel buddy, help them get connected. Any class.

If you can’t make it, enjoy it online: www.ultra4racing.com/live

Thank you and see you soon!

The ULTRA4 Racing family.