2021 KOH Garage, Tent, and Generator Orders

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Garage Space Orders CLICK HERE $50 ~ $500
This 2020 Hammertown Map contains all garage locations and highlights premium spots. When paying for your spot. Please indicate if you prefer same spot as last year. If it is more important to be by another driver, please type their name into the text box provided. 
Hammertown garage locations are available for all registered teams. Only those drivers that have registered for a KOH Week race and purchased a 40’x80′ Hammertown spot for $50 will be eligible for a spot in Hammertown. One 40′ x 80′ spot is available for each registered driver. Drivers are eligible for one spot per entry. The payment does not guarantee a specific location, but it does guarantee a spot within Hammertown. We will assign garage locations starting with returning teams followed by new teams that have paid the reservation fee. The order will be based on the order in which driver of record registered. 
Premium Garage Locations. We are continuing to offer drivers who wish to have end cap locations a chance to do so for a premium. End Caps will first be offered to the teams that reserved them last year.  End caps closest to Hammertown and Boone Rd will be $500 and end caps between streets will be $100. 
For garage spaces you will be asked the following:
Location request 1 
Location request 2 
Location request 3 
Do you need to be next to someone? 
If so who? 
Is being next to someone more important than location?
Tent Orders: CLICK HERE $360.00
Tents must be rented by 1/15. You are not required to rent a tent. Please note: this is the only tent company with a BLM Permit to rent and erect tents in Hammertown.  Please remember that all tents have guide wires that hang about 5′ past a tent on each side, so a 20′ tent takes up approx. 30′. 
Generator Orders: CLICK HERE $900 – $1400
Similar to 2020, you can choose to rent either a 40 hour rental option ($900) or an unlimited rental option ($1400). Details of what is included are listed below.