2021 King Shocks Area BFE 4400 race results statement

Following the conclusion of the 2021 King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown 4400 Unlimited class, a red card was filed in alignment with rule 12.1.1.
Upon receiving the red card protest, ULTRA4 Racing followed the protocol of rule 9.10 item 13 and moved the matter to the Competition Review Board (CRB).  (More details around the CRB are on page 50 of the current 2021 rule book.) All members of the CRB went out and researched the site, spoke with the parties involved, and in a 4 – 1 decision decided that a deviation of the marked course had occurred. 
According to section 9.3 item 18, the penalty for this is “a DNF at the point the course was deviated”. In this case it occurred during lap 6. That penalty has been applied (5 laps were given credit for completion) and below are the official adjusted results for 4400 Unlimited class. Thank you for your patience as the process was underway and to all parties involved for their commitment to the resolution. We appreciate the professional participation of everyone involved.
Congratulations to the podium trio of Bryan Crofts 1st, Darian Gomez 2nd, and JP Gomez 3rd. Additional awards presentations will be forthcoming.
Thank you to all participants and the great racing in all the classes held in Area BFE. Full results can be found here.