2020 Renegade Race Fuel and Ultra4 Contingency Programs

Renegade Race Fuel and Ultra4 2020 Contingency Programs
This is YOUR reminder to all teams we kick of the 2020 Ultra4 season at KOH to take a minute to register! Go to: renegaderacefuel.com/contingency/get-registered/

National Points Contingency, Top 3 Drivers
4400 Class
Total purse $3000 
1st $1500
2nd $1000
3rd $500

4500 thru 4900 Classes
Total purse $1250    
1st $600
2nd $400
3rd $250

How To Qualify:
1. Run Renegade Race fuel in 3 separate races. Receipt will serve as proof. Submit receipt with name and team name, contact information. 
2. Submit pictures of your Ultra4 with Renegade Decals and receipts to jmorris@valoroil.com
4. Payouts will be from Ultra4.
Rewards Contingency, OPEN to ALL Race Teams
$40 Off your next drum purchase.
$5 Off your next pail purchase.

How To Qualify:
Sign up for rewards, use Renegade Race Fuel, win races, submit your wins to us. 
It’s that easy!