2019 The Fab School Manufacturers Cup

Congratulations to our Manufacturer Cup competitors for another incredible year.
Each Manufacturer can have up to 5 drivers in the competition (same rules as 2018).
Of those drivers, points are awarded to the 1- 10 position based on finishing order in the 4400 Unlimited Class (1st getting 10 points, 2nd 9 points, etc…)
The results of the year are added together to determine a The Fab School Manufacturing Champion Cup winner (details below) 
Your 2019 Manufacturers Cup winner is Campbell Enterprises with a point total of 86 points!

The drivers representing each team are as follows:
Campbell Enterprises (86): Shannon Campbell (32), Levi Shirley (21), Bailey Campbell (20), Wayland Campbell (8), and Jason Shipman (5)
Jimmy’s 4×4 (76): Vaughn Gittin Jr (19), Loren Healy (18), Derek West (18), Bryan Crofts (11), Darren Henke (10) (note that Cody Addington also had 10 points for the entire season, so Darren or Cody could have been the 5th driver on team Jimmy’s with the same yearly results. Jeff McKinlay had 7 points.)
UFO (69): JP Gomez (28), Raul Gomez (20), Marcos Gomez (8), Mike Bergman (7), Dan Wyrick (6)
Miller Motorsports (61): Josh Blyler (29), Rusty Blyler (23), Erik Miller (9)
Fishmouth Fab (33): Mike Bou (16), Jason Scherer (10), Tom Wayes (6), Don Fisher (1)
Tribe 16 (32): Alex Wacker (14), Chip McLaughlin (12), Zandy Willems (6)
All other teams had single driver representation.