2018 King of The Hammers Driver and Team Updates

2018 KOH Week Tent Rentals available. LAST DAY TO RENT TENTS! Click here to rent your tent.

Tents must be rented by 1/17/18. You do not need to know your Hammertown address to rent a tent —  we supply your address to the Tent company. You are not required to rent a tent. This is a service offered drivers to protect their equipment from the elements. Please note: this is the only tent company with a BLM Permit to rent and erect tents in Hammertown.  Please remember that all tents have guy wires that hang about 5′ past each side of a tent, so a 20′ tent takes up approx. 30′. If you have specific requests for tent placement, please email A1 Party Rental, Eddie Martin at Eddie@A1Partyrental.com or phone him at: 626.384.1736 

Renegade Fuel Official Fuel of UTRA4 and KOH: Purchase Fuel by Friday!  Click here for full details

Qualifying and Starting Orders for all races and classes
Click here to see where you are qualifying and/or starting your race! 

Generator Rentals Now Available – Must Rent by 1/26!
Click here for rental information. Two options available Option one is up to 40 hours, Option 2 is 24/7 use for a week. 

BFGoodrich Contingency ProgramBFGoodrich is once again offering a contingency and race support for those on their tires. Click here for details. 

TMG Announces Smittybilt Every Man Challenge ContingencyTMG is offering over $15,000 in contingency for the classes racing in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge. Click here for the details. 
Torq-Masters Contingency for UTV Drivers Torq-Masters is offering $3000 in contingency for the Can-Am KOH UTV Presented by HCR drivers. Click here for all the details.

Mojave WIFI Offering Internet Packages for Vendors, Spectators, and Teams Click here for all detailsMojavewifi is proud to offer wifi access for the 2018 Nitto King of the Hammers! Like previous years, 2 different systems are available.Early bird pricing is available NOW until January 20th for Private hotspot packages A and B. After January 20th, prices will increase for Packages A and B.
King of the Motos will once again be a two-day race, and include a Saturday Night Stage
Click here to read Jimmy Lewis’ first King of The Motos Rider Update
Hammertown Garage Assignments Now Available: Click here to review your Hammertown Garage Spot 

All Drivers that registered through 1/9 have had their spots assigned. If you have not signed up for a  garage spot, it’s not too late but Hammertown is filling up fast, be sure to reserve your spot today!  Drivers with questions regarding their location should contact Dave Cole at Dave@kingofthehammers.com 

The Holley Shootout Returns! 
The Holley EFI Shootout presented by KMC, King Shocks and Action Sports Canopies returns for 2018!  The 5th annual shootout will be in a new un-disclosed location. It will be closer to Hammertown and allow for more spectators. Don’t worry, the climb will not be any easier!  Vehicles ranging from SRRS bouncers to ULTRA4s to garage built rock crawlers competing in a shootout format.  Fastest vehicle to complete the course, wins. The event will take place on Monday February 5th, 2018 preceding the 2018 Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Battery. For the 2nd year in a row, top 10 drivers in the shootout will qualify for Friday’s King of The Hammers Race.* And all drivers registered for LCQ have the option of participating in the Holley EFI Shootout!  Click here for full details on competing and registering for the shootout. 

USAC for Drivers and Riders of Record 
USAC Insurance is now available for 2018 at the following link: ULTRA4license.com Please read this carefully as the process has been streamlined for 2018. Last year’s 2-step process is no more! When drivers sign up for USAC insurance online they will receive scannable tickets (QR Codes) for both competitor entry and Hammertown parking stickers redeemable at the front gate on Boone Rd. Please save these tickets! Those registering will receive an email, but can also print or text tickets. Please note: the front gate administers parking stickers for entrance into Hammertown but ALL DRIVERS AND RIDERS MUST COMPLETE COMPETITOR REGISTRATION AT MAIN TENT IN HAMMERTOWN DURING REGISTRATION HOURS.  Annual Vs. Single Event Drivers racing only KOH may sign up for single event USAC insurance. Those paying single event insurance, must pay their tech fee separately by clicking here.  Drivers racing multiple ULTRA4 races should sign up for annual USAC insurance, which also covers the cost of the annual tech fee.  Motos riders do not have a separate tech fee.  When Drivers and Riders sign up for their USAC insurance, they MUST select the parking package to receive their comped Hammertown Garage Parking Stickers. Drivers are comped 5 total stickers (1 competition, 3 car/truck/rv, 1 pit bike/utv). Riders are comped 2 stickers (1 competition, 1 car/truck/rv). Drivers and Riders may purchase additional parking stickers when registering for USAC.  Click here for more info on stickers
Please note: Co-drivers and Pit Crew are also eligible to purchase additional parking stickers when they purchase their USAC Bands. Only the person whose name is on the ticket can pick up the parking stickers at the front gate.
If more parking stickers are needed after all team members register, they will be available for purchase on site with cash. Supplies are limited to keep traffic in Hammertown reasonable. Parking stickers are non-refundable, so please do not purchase more than necessary. 

USAC Insurance for Co-Drivers and Pit Crew Pit Crew and Co-drivers can sign up for either single use USAC insurance or an annual USAC insurance pass at this link: ULTRA4License.com When registering, Co-drivers and pit crew will receive a ticket/QR Code, please retain this code either via email, text or print. You will need to present it at the front gate to receive your wrist band.  Annual vs. Single Event:  If Co-drivers are racing more than one race in a season, the annual license is the way to go. For pit crew, the annual license makes sense if crew are planning to attend at least 4 ULTRA4 races in a season, or they would like the hard card for benefits such as the Jeep Discount Program. Pit passes will be available for sale on the lake bed as well, but this process allows pit crew members to sign their waiver and pick up their own bands when entering hammertown and streamlines the process at the front gate.  Co-drivers and Pit Crew are eligible to purchase additional parking stickers when purchasing their USAC for KOH. Only stickered vehicles will be able to drive, park and camp in the Hammertown Garage areas. The person whose name is on the ticket can pick up the parking stickers. If more parking stickers are needed after registration, they can be purchased at the front gate with cash.

Yellowbrick Tracker Rental Available for All Classes. Click here to rent your tracker. 

Yellowbrick tracking has proven repeatedly to be the most effective GPS tracker on the market. It will be required for all classes and races except for the Shootout. Rental Price for 4400, 4500, 4600, 4800 and 4900 (UTVs) is $165. Price for Motos is $100.  You do not need special mounting hardware for this device. Drivers racing multiple races must rent one tracker per registered race. 

2 Ways to Qualify for Friday KOH Race on the Lake Bed

1. Those who register and pay for LCQ are automatically signed up for Monday’s Shootout. The Top 10 drivers in the shootout are automatically qualified for Friday’s KOH Race.  Please note: The driver is qualified, but the car still must pass ULTRA4 tech to race.  2. LCQ – 25% of drivers signed up for LCQ will qualify via LCQ  regardless of shootout results. That means if 20 drivers sign up for LCQ, 5 Drivers will receive LCQ spots via the traditional LCQ held on Tuesday Afternoon.  Please note, Drivers entering via LCQ only need to pay for the LCQ entry. Should a driver qualify into the main race, they will then owe the balance of the entry fee on the lake bed and will be charged at the pre 12/15 costs. 

KOH Week Media Credential Applications Available.  Click here register for Media credentials

Every year the number of media requesting credentials at KOH increases. Because of this demand, media wishing to receive credentials for KOH Week 2018 should be careful to fill out their media credentials in full. Team Media is limited to 2 media members per team. Please choose your media credential applicants wisely as we will not grant additional media if two media credentials have already been issued for your team. 

Daddy’s Famous Foods Offers Catering For Teams

Daddy’s Famous Foods is back again, offering their outstanding catering services! They will be ready to serve starting January 22nd until February 10th, with a larger dining area and more food options. They will be serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and desserts, along with meals to go if you cannot make it to the catering tent. Private catering options are available at your vending or campsite area for any special event. For more information please contact Brad Young (949).533.4331 or daddysfamousfoods@gmail.com

Reminder! When emailing Tech Inspector at Tech@ultra4racing.com
Drivers emailing tech with questions must cite the rule in the rulebook they have a question about when emailing tech. If you do not do so, you will be asked to refer to the rulebook before your question can be answered.  

Prices go up again on 1/16/18. Pricing for KOH Week and the entire season is available here.  

If this is your first time racing KOH Week, please start here. 

How To Register:
All drivers must login to register. If you’ve raced with us in the past, you already have a driver profile. Please do not make a new profile as your race history is associated with your existing account. You must login with your username (or email address) and password. If you don’t remember your password, simply click on “request new password” with the username or email address you used.  

Once logged in, select 2018 KOH Week from the schedule
Select “racer” tab
Select your class
Select the “season commitment” button if you wish to receive a discounted entry fee at KOH for committing to race at least 3 regional races next season. 

For those signing up for KOH Week, you have two options: you can select either the single race price (more expensive), or the series committed price (less expensive). Drivers that commit to racing at LEAST 3 races in either the Eastern or Western Regional Series receive a significant discount on their KOH Week Entry fee as well as their series entry fees. You DO NOT need to pay for the whole series until after KOH. Series committed drivers must pay for the season by April 1st.  PLEASE NOTE: Drivers that select the series price and do not race 3 races will be charged the KOH price difference plus a handling fee.