2017 King of The Hammers Driver and Team Updates

REMINDER! Last day to rent tents! Tents must be rented by 1/18. You DO NOT NEED your Garage location to rent your tent. Hammerking will supply your Hammertown locations directly. Full Circle Events, the same company that successfully managed tents the last 2 years is back again. You are not required to rent a tent, this is a service offered drivers for their benefit. Please Note: This is the only tent company with a BLM permit to rent and build tents in Hammertown. BLM will NOT allow unapproved tent vendors that have not applied for a KOH vending permit to rent/build tents on the lake bed.  For ease of payment you will purchase through ULTRA4s web site. All tent questions should be directed to nancy@fcelv.com phone 702.476.2702 Click here to rent your tent!

NEW! Step By Step Instructions for Competitors and Crew For USAC and Front GateClick here to read step-by-step instructions on using your USAC License to make front gate entry easy

NEW! Hammertown Driver Addresses Click here to view Hammertown Garage Addresses 

REMINDER! Starting Orders for 2017 KOH Week
Click here to see where either you are qualifying or starting depending on your race! 

Reminder!  Hammertown Garage Parking StickersIn an effort to cut down on the amount of traffic and non-team vehicles in the Hammertown Garage areas, we will again be issuing each driver/rider of record Hammertown parking stickers. Only stickered vehicles will be able to drive, park and camp in the Hammertown Garage areas this year. You will not be able to enter the Hammertown Garages without stickers. Click here to see how many stickers you receive with competitor entry, how to get them, and how to order additional. 

Reminder! MojaveWifi Internet Access Returns for KOH 2017
Cell coverage at King of The Hammers is tough to come by. Because of this, Mojavewifi has been bringing Internet to Hammertown for years and will be returning for KOH 2017. 2 different wifi options are available. Private Hotspot installations and one device hotspot activation throughout hammertown. Order before 1/28 to take advantage of special pricing. Click her to learn more. 

Reminder! KSI/Renegade Race Fuel offering fuel delivery to Johnson Valley! KSI/Renegade Race Fuel is now taking pre-orders for race fuel for KOH Week. Must Order by 1/20!  They are offering a wide variety of fuel types available in both drums and pails for pickup just off of Boone Rd. Teams can call their Banning office direct at 951-922-8882 and can pre-order by credit card. Click here for more information.

Reminder! Tech Inspection Information
If you have a brand new 4400-4800 car that has never been banded or seen by our tech inspectors you MUST schedule a Tech appointment. All 4WD drivers must pay an annual Tech Fee. This is included in an Annual USAC pass. If you did not purchase an annual usac license click here to pay for your tech fee. If you’re a returning competitor, you must tech on your scheduled Day. If you’re a 4900, you must go through tech on Tuesday and if you’re a motos competitor you must tech Friday or Saturday before your driver’s meeting. Click here to schedule your appointment and pay for tech inspection. 
Reminder! Generator RentalsFor those wishing to rent generators, the generators will be available on the lake bed on Friday 2/3 for use 24/7 until 2/12. You are responsible for fueling your generators with diesel and providing your own 30A RV adapter if needed. We are only taking orders through Friday 1/27.  This year we are offering 4 different options of generators. Click here for rent a generator.

Reminder! When emailing Tech Inspector at Tech@ultra4racing.comDrivers emailing tech with questions must cite the rule in the rulebook they have a question about when emailing tech. If you do not do so, you will be asked to refer to the rulebook before your question can be answered.  

Reminder! USAC Insurance Online
USAC Insurance is once again available at www.ultra4license.com  This year’s USAC Annual License also includes voting membership into the Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame.  New for 2017: Pit Crew members can sign up for either single use USAC insurance or an annual USAC insurance pass through USAC. Present your printable/phone receipt in exchange for a wrist band. This year we are also offering optional insurance coverage for those that receive media credentials.  The annual license for 4WD drivers includes your $100 Tech/ULTRA4 Fee. If you sign up for only single event insurance as a driver, you will be required to pay this fee on the lake bed. 

Reminder! Yellow Brick Trackers Rental Now AvailableYellow brick tracking has proven over the last two years to be the most effective GPS tracker on the market. It will be required for all classes and races except shootout. Rental Price for 4400, 4500, 4600, 4800 and 4900 (UTVs) is $165. Price for Motos is $100.  You do not need special mounting hardware for this device. Drivers racing multiple races must rent one tracker per registered race. Click here to rent your Yellow Brick Tracker

Reminder! Hammertown Address Reservation and SelectionHammertown Garage Locations: 

This Hammertown Map contains all garage locations and highlights premium spots. When paying for your spot. Please indicate if you prefer same spot as last year. If it is more important to be by another driver, please type their name into the text box provided. Hammertown garage locations are available for all 4 Wheel Drive registered teams. Motos teams will again have a reserved area in Hammertown to share without paying a fee.  Only those drivers that have registered for a KOH Week race and purchased a 40’x80′ hammertown spot for $50 will be eligible for a spot in Hammertown. The payment does not guarantee a specific spot but it does guarantee a spot within Hammertown. We will assign garage locations starting with returning teams followed by new teams that have paid the reservation fee. The order will be based on the order in which driver of record registered. 

Premium Garage Locations. We are continuing to offer drivers who wish to have end cap locations a chance to do so for a premium. End Caps will first be offered to the teams that reserved them last year.  End caps closest to Hammertown and Boone Rd will be $500 and end caps between streets will be $100.  Click here to reserve and request your hammertown spot

REMINDER! 2 Ways to Qualify for Friday KOH Race on the Lake Bed!

We’re excited to announce something totally new for qualifying this year. There are now two ways to qualify for those still in need of a KOH spot! 
1. Shootout returns to Backdoor on Monday Night . Those that register and pay for LCQ are automatically signed up for the shootout on Monday. The Top 10 drivers in shootout are automatically qualified for Friday’s KOH Race.  Please note: The driver is qualified, but the car still must pass ULTRA4 Tech to qualify. 2. LCQ – 25% of drivers signed up for LCQ will qualify via LCQ  regardless of shootout results. That means if 20 drivers sign up for LCQ. 5 Drivers will receive LCQ spots via the traditional LCQ held on  Tuesday Afternoon. 

REMINDER! King of The Motos To Include a Night Stage

Riders are in for a whole new set of challenges at the 2017 King of The Motos race. The event has been extended to 3 stages with a Saturday Night Race taking place in the dark. Jimmy Lewis has a whole list of updates for Motos Riders. Here’s a hint: You don’t want to be the last to sign up! 
 Click here to read Jimmy Lewis’ first King of The Motos Rider Update

REMINDER!  Daddy’s Famous Foods Offers Catering For Teams

Daddy’s Famous Foods will be back on the lake bed this year and offering even more eating options! Daddy’s is offering catering options for teams and/or individuals that don’t want to have to cook on the lake bed. They offer both Buffets and made to order options in their dining tent. Breakfast includes a Breakfast Buffet, Dinner includes a salad bar, soup and chili options along with customized items made to order throughout the day. 
Click here to learn more about Food Catering Options

REMINDER! 2017 KOH Week Media Credentials are now available Every year the number of media requesting credentials at KOH increases. Because of this demand, media wishing to receive credentials for KOH Week 2017, should be careful to fill out their media credentials in full. Team Media is limited to 2 media members per team. Please choose your media credential applicants wisely as we will not grant additional media if two media have already been issued for your team. 

Click here register for Media credentials

REMINDER! Register Today!
For those that have not attempted to login to the new web site and register, please do not wait until the last minute  to access your profile and register. The new site is easy to navigate, but it is new.  

How To Register
If you already had a driver/co-driver profile, you will need to request a new password! Go to login and simply click on “request new password” with the username or email address you used.  


Once logged in, select the race from the schedule
Select “racer” tab
Select your class
Select the “season commitment” button if you wish to receive a discounted entry fee at KOH for committing to race at least 3 regional races next season.  

For those signing up for KOH Week, you have two options, you can select either the single race price, or the series committed price. Drivers that commit to racing at least 3 races in either the Eastern or Western Regional Series receive a significant discount on their KOH Week Entry fee as well as their series entry fees. You DO NOT need to pay for the whole series until after KOH and before the regional series begins. Series committed drivers must be paid for the season by April 1st.