2016 Vision X SRRS vs. ULTRA4 Shootout Presented by King

Click here for your chance to enter the 2016 Vision X Shootout Presented by King 

 The Vision X ULTRA4 vs. SRRS Shootout presented by King will be returning to Johnson Valley, CA during KOH Week 2016 for the 3rd annual event. The event which pits the Southern Rock Racing Series (SRRS) Rock Bouncers against ULTRA4 cars in a shootout will again take place on the Monday preceding the 2016 Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Battery.The event will feature a combined 50 drivers from both racing series and will be held at 6PM on February 1nd, 2016.

The purse for the 2016 Vision X ULTRA4 vs. SRRS East/West  Presented by King will be $7500 to the fastest vehicle to complete the course. An additional $2500 purse will be awarded to the fastest driver from the opposite series.  For example if an ULTRA4 driver has the fastest overall time, the 2nd place prize will go to the fastest SRRS driver. The purse and event would not be possible without the support of sponsors Vision X, King, Raceline Wheels, RCV and Nitro Gear and Axle.
The cost to enter this year’s shootout is $200 per entrant. SRRS has selected 20 drivers that they have invited to attend. ULTRA4 will be selecting another 20 competitors and inviting them to attend based on their completed application forms! The names of these 40 drivers will be announced at the Live Pre-KOH show on January 12th at the 4 Wheel Parts store in Compton, CA and broadcast live at  www.ultra4racing.com/live We will also announce how the last 10 drivers will be picked during the live show. Please complete this form in it’s entirety. You will need a photo of your rig to apply for a spot in the 2016 Vision X Shootout

Drivers who wish to enter should sign up immediately.

This event will also be broadcast live at www.ultra4racing.com/live