2014 Rulebook Changes

2014 Rulebook will be out in the next couple of days. Here are the changes…
*Camlock seatbelt prohibition lifted
*More Specific Rules on tube thickness and diameter
-Supporting Tubes as defined above with an unsupported span of less then 30” are allowed to be the same diameter as the main structure in .95”wall thickness or .25” smaller tube diameter with .120 wall thickness. All unsupported span more then 30” must be the same diameter and thickness as the main structure
*Options for those that believe their car exceeds our safety standards with engineering proof while not meeting our minimum standards for tubing thickness
Option #1 follow safety cage rules as outlined above.
Option #2 provide at Driver of records sole expense a certified engineered drawing to be reviewed by Hammerking productions Engineering consultant for approval. Final approval will be by chief Technical inspector. All finding will be private between driver or record and Hammerking Productions.
Option #3 Hammerking will have proposed chassis design engineered and make all findings public record. Final approval will be by the Chief Technical inspector.
*Eliminated grey area on the condition of a car when it is weighed
-Vehicle must drive on and off the scales under it own power with all mechanical systems complete and race ready.
*Eliminated grey area on Stock Class Door Rule
- Stock doors may be modified to create half-doors and/or may also be
replaced with tubular doors. Doors must open and close, bolted on panels are not allowed.
*Announcement of the Spec and Legends Classes
-6.4.10 SPEC CLASS
Identical Vehicles provided By Hammerking Productions Either sold or leased with sealed engine, Transmission, Transfer case, Shocks, ect. All parts must be approved by Hammerking Productions including tires wheels, ect at sole discretion of Hammerking Productions.
6.4.11 LEGENDS CLASS Engine must be front mounted. 2 Seats must be side by side. Shocks, only a single shock per corner is allowed. Any coil carrier apparatus are considered shocks. Axles must be solid type. No TTB or IFS of any kind allowed. Tires must be DOT NON STICKY compound no larger than 37” Diameter as factory labeled. All safety and tech rules apply.
*Helmet notice
-2014 will be the last year for racing with an M2005/SA2005 minimum requirement for 2015 will be M2010/SA2010
*Update to Outside Assistance penalties
- to above, will be subject to a minimum 2 hour penalty up to disqualification as decided by the CRB. A second occurrence of receiving outside help will result in disqualification for the rest of the season.
*Update to Pit Band violation penalties
-Pit bands must be worn by all members of the pit crew no exceptions.
Penalties for non compliance will be.
First level minor infraction:
First offence, warning and non banded person removed from the pit area until banded. Second offence will result in a 5 minute penalty for each non banded person in the pit area add to the driver of records elapsed time.
Second Level Major infraction:
Automatic Disqualification if any non banded person touches the race vehicle in any way or performs any race pit support to the vehicle driver or co driver.
Again the driver of record assumes all responsibility for their pit area. If someone is in your pit without a band it is on you whether you know them or not. Police your pit area.
*Updated penalties for Short Coursing
-9.2.1 Short Coursing
Minor infraction resulting in no competitive advantage such as getting lost or missing a turn will result in a warning for the first occurrence and a time penalty of 5 times the estimated advantage for the second occurrence.
Minor infraction resulting in a competitive advantage. Will result in a time penalty of 5 times the competitive advantage for the first occurrence and minimum 1 hour penalty up to DQ for the second.
Major infraction, deliberate short coursing or repeated “mistakes” will result in a minimum 1 hour penalty up to DQ for the first occurrence and refer to9.2.2 for second occurrence penalty