2012 Griffin King of The Hammers Course Info

Please note:  The full course map with complete race miles and pit locations will not be released until February 3rd, 2012. The following information is provided to give teams a guideline of what the race will entail.
The course is 165 miles in length consisting of two laps. The laps are not identical.
The pits will consist of:
One Main Pit
Two Remote Pit Locations
To cover all of the pit opportunities, drivers will ideally need two chase teams. However, one of the pit opportunities will only be used if a driver experiences a serious problem, so it may be possible to race with only one chase rig.
Pit Windows with hypothetical assignments:
RM 35 – Chase 2
RM 56 – Chase 1
RM 68 – Chase 1
RM 80 – Chase 1
RM 115 – Chase 2
RM 138 – Chase 1
RM 150 – Chase 1
The first possibility of a bottleneck due to difficult rock terrain is expected at approximately RM 60.
Check out the thread on Pirate 4×4 for further discussion on the 2012 Griffin King of The Hammers race course.