Competitors, Info Drop 1 – Register, Create Your Custom Shirts and Put $$ Into Your Race Program

Hello Competitors,
Many of you have heard about the programs we put into place to return money back into your race programs. They’re explained more below and on our website, check them out and let us know what you think. All the competitor programs we talk about are for any competitor in any class, during King of the Hammers, Desert Challenge and King of the Motos – no exclusions!
We recently welcomed our first KOH Rookie Class to the ranch and it was a great reminder of why we do what we do. We are excited about our future, KOH and beyond.
See you on the lakebed,Dave 
Numbers and Registration!
It’s here! Competitor registration is OPEN NOW, on phase one of our new website,! Although we’ve opened our site for you to see and begin using now, this is just the beginning of what it will become over the next few months. An extensive FAQ section even the most seasoned racers can learn from, all competitor information in one centralized location, easy-to-use navigation and more. Check back often as it evolves!
Head over to the new website and request a number if you need one here. We have compiled a definitive list of number assignments, and are using a database to request numbers, rather than it being a manual process. If you have an issue obtaining or confirming a number, please email Review the steps to register and the information you need here. 
$$$ – Competitor Payback Program – $$$
King of the Hammers believes we should be helping make racing more affordable for competitors, so we’ve found a way to put dollars back into your race program through the Competitor Payback Program! When you register, participants (formerly called spectators), are able to select your name from a menu and you receive $10 of each ticket sold, paid by check to you monthly! You do not need to do anything special to be enrolled, it’s automatic upon registration for KOH 2023. This is a great time to market yourself and your team while collecting a check for it! Read the details here. 
Team T-Shirt Program – More $$$ Back to You!
In-line with the Competitor Payback Program, we’re excited to utilize the relationships we have built as a company to help competitors offer merchandise and brand your race team, while helping put money back into your race program. We will produce and sell your custom shirt on our online store, and you receive $15 back per shirt sold of your art! You may take advantage of this opportunity in registration, there is no cost to enroll, only your set-up fee (art fee if applicable). Shirt sales end November 30, 2022, so register and get your art taken care of right away to maximize the amount of time your shirt is available for sale. Read all the details on our website here. 

Oct. 24, 2022
Team Shirt